What We Do?

Tookary is an online grocery store that allows user to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and other grocery items at whole sale rate.

In More Words

Tookary is an online bulk buying platform for bulk buyers and retails buyers to purchase bulk quantities at competitive prices . This platform is created specifically to enable households and businesses to purchase daily need products at whole sale pries.

How We Do It?

We Have A Two Way Approach For It

To get the right quality

We source our produce from the best sources to ensure a consistent and reliable supply to our consumers . The produce is graded sorted and than finally made available for sale at our online store . At this moment we have just started with fresh vegetables and soon introduce other product lines as well.

To get the right price:

When a farm is harvested we get all grades of produce . Sorting and selecting means an increase in the price . We buy everything on an average rate and sort it out as per your requirement . The selected produce is graded and supplied to you . The rejected produce is sold back in the open market . This enables us to buy produce at lower rates than you or your purchaser can and also eradicate the middle men margin . Further we also have deals with farms around the year which enable us to get a base rate and it’s an ongoing process . Soon we would also claim to provide consistent quality all year round at the lowest possible rates.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

We promise the best quality vegetables fruits meat and other house hold item, at the lowest price with an efficient delivery system delivering your products within 45 mins of placing the order.


You simply place the order


You are informed of the price and quantity


We deliver to the address and receive the amount

You can monitor the prices from the open market, the quantities received by the customer is always weighted before the delivery is confirmed hence eliminating any kind of pilferage or theft while you can concentrate on your business. And what’s more . If you don’t like what you see, the whole order could be refunded with no questions asked.

Our Goals

We are a startup and at this time we have entered the market with fresh vegetables. Soon you would see other products like fruits , meat and other products on Tookary . Our goal is to get you the right quality at the best possible prices and decrease your over all purchase budget through our efficient in procurement and delivery.


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